Rural Regional Issues Workshop

Held at Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel on 4 June 2015, this workshop discussed the key issues facing rural and regional councils and helped frame LGNSW’s advocacy strategy in this area.

It also provided an opportunity for our members to pitch and refine ideas that might be suitable for development into motions discussed at LGNSW's Annual Conference in October 2015 – allowing the identification of common interests or overlaps and possible collective motions.

No binding decisions were taken at the workshop.


Rural Regional Issues Workshop Program (PDF,142KB)


Local Government Funding - FAGs - Not the magic pudding, Richard Colley, Chairperson and Bruce Wright, Executive Officer, NSW Local Government Grants Commission (PDF, 7.54MB)

Local Government Reform, Marcia Doheny, Chief Executive Office of Local Government (PDF, 2.31MB)