Local Government plays a major role in tourism. Councils are actively involved in promoting tourism, providing infrastructure and services to support tourism, but also in managing the impacts of tourism.

Tourism is not only an important driver of economic development and employment growth, but it also has impacts on communities and the environment that need to be managed.

LGNSW is developing a stronger presence in tourism and giving more attention to tourism management and policy. This has resulted in LGNSW staging a successful annual Local Government Tourism Conference. LGNSW has also worked hard to develop networks and partnerships across the tourism and government sectors over several years.

LGNSW participates in working parties and taskforces with Destination NSW (former Tourism NSW), developing strategies for NSW tourism and improving Local Government engagement.

Inclusive Tourism

In 2017, LGNSW is leading an Inclusive Tourism project in partnership with University of Technology Sydney.  The project is funded by the Tourism Demand-Driver Infrastructure Program and NSW Department of Family and Community Services. This  Inclusive Tourism project provides both councils and tourism operators with tools to facilitate the sharing of accurate information regarding the accessibility and inclusiveness of their facilities and events for visitors with a disability.

Inclusive Tourism Networking Events

LGNSW has delivered a series of networking and information events in 2017 across NSW which focus on Inclusive Tourism.

At these events, businesses and councils have heard about:

  • The compelling business case for inclusive tourism - how can businesses and councils take advantage of the emerging market for accessible travel and recreation
  • Small changes that businesses can make to enhance accessibility and increase profits
  • Providing the best possible customer service
  • Uploading the right information to digital tourism databases
  • Understanding older people, people with disability and carers as consumers 

Presenters include:

  • The NSW Business Chamber
  • Destination NSW
  • Local Government NSW
  • Trip Advisor
  • The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Inclusive Tourism Resources

LGNSW has developed an Inclusive Tourism online learning course for councils and businesses. The course will take approximately 1 hour for council staff and 40 minutes for businesses. It will be available in November 2017.

This course will assist learners to:

  • Identify social and economic opportunities associated with inclusive tourism 
  • Make recreational services and tourism attractions more accessible to seniors and people with disability
  • Build disability awareness amongst staff
  • Include information about the accessibility of tourist attractions, services or premises in tourism databases
  • Identify barriers to access and provide the best possible customer service

The course is divided into streams relevant to councils, accommodation providers and small to medium-sized businesses. The course will benefit:

  • NSW local government councillors
  • Council staff responsible for:
    • Economic development and tourism
    • Community development
    • Town planning
    • Engineering
  • Visitor information centres
  • Businesses providing tourism, leisure goods or services (e.g. restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels, tourism operators)
  • Recreational facility managers
  • Local business groups (e.g. local chambers of commerce)
  • Managers of tourist events or destinations.

The course will feature:

  • Best Practice Case Studies - Featuring Inclusive Tourism practices from councils across NSW highlighting how councils and businesses can work together to attract the inclusive tourism market.
  • Access Statement Templates - An Access Statement is a description of the accessibility of a landmark, business or service. The course includes Access Statement templates and examples to assist councils and businesses to structure their own Access Statement/s.
  • Resources - An expansive list of Inclusive Tourism resources including tip sheets, guidelines, research papers and webinars.

Fostering Tourism

‘Fostering Tourism’ was the theme of the Japan Local Government Exchange and Cooperation Seminar, held in February 2017. A delegate from LGNSW was selected to attend and visited Japan to meet with council officials, attend lectures and analyse local tourism initiatives. The seminar is hosted each year by the Japan Local Government Centre, Sydney. An 'International Snapshot' (PDF, 319KB) has been prepared by LGNSW with learnings from the Seminar.

Tourism Conference

The annual Local Government Tourism Conference has been staged for over ten consecutive years at various locations across NSW.