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At Local Government NSW (LGNSW), we support and facilitate a number of free networks for NSW council staff to connect, share information and discuss local government issues.

These networks enable local government employees to engage with like-minded peers, share knowledge, information and resources, and build a network of industry contacts.

Below you’ll find more details about each of our networks.

Communications Network
The Communications Network consists of a web forum and email distribution list designed to foster collaboration and liaison between communications and public relations staff working for NSW councils.
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Economic Development Network
The Economic Development Network is a forum for those council staff working to promote sustainable economic development for the benefit of their local communities. 
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Events Network
In addition to web forum discussions, the Events Network runs seminars throughout the year to foster collaboration and information sharing between event professionals working for NSW councils.
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General Managers Network
The General Managers Network is a closed email network and online forum that seeks to promote collaboration and information sharing between general managers working for local government in NSW.
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Human Resources Network
Coordinated by LGNSW’s Industrial Relations unit, the Human Resources Network meets throughout the year to discuss current HR and industrial relations issues.
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IT Professionals Network
LGNSW provides administrative support to the Local Government IT Professionals Network, which meets quarterly and encourages collaboration and information exchange through a closed Teams network. Available to council staff only.
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Learning and Development Network
Recommended for any staff responsible for professional development in NSW councils, the Learning and Development Network meets quarterly to share information and discuss issues pertaining to professional development.
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Natural Resource Management Network
The Natural Resource Management Network enables NSW council staff and councillors to share information and discuss current issues affecting natural resource management. This network is being upgraded and will go live on a new platform early in 2021.
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Night Time Economy Network
Run by LGNSW on behalf of the NSW Night Time Economy Councils’ Committee, the Night Time Economy Network helps councils foster safe, sustainable and vibrant night economies in their local communities.
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Sustainability Network
The Sustainability Network is a Local Government NSW initiative designed to promote the issue of sustainability in councils throughout NSW. This network is being upgraded and will go live on a new platform early in 2021.
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