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A man tests water at a damn in central NSW.

Workforce survey for NSW Local Water Utilities

To provide a detailed understanding of the water industry’s workforce and to support future resourcing, the NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water is undertaking a survey on staffing at local water utilities (LWUs).

This survey is supported by LGNSW and LWUs are strongly encouraged to participate. 

The department is seeking data from LWUs, such as staffing numbers, vacancies, employee demographics and training requirements. 

Data collected will be used to support strategies for workforce development within LWUs, specifically relating to operational roles. Individual LWUs will not be identified in the reporting and the information provided will be treated as confidential by the department. 

The survey is open from 31 May–22 July 2024

Due to the survey's detailed nature, LWUs are being directly contacted by the survey team, who will provide support in the form of one-on-one meetings, drop-in sessions, and a webinar. 

To contact the survey team, email [email protected].

Further information, including a copy of the survey, can be found on the department's website.

Drop-in session #1
18 June 2024

Drop-in session #2
27 June 2024

Register for the webinar
3 July 2024