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Whether it’s through the arts, architecture, language, education or leisure, local government plays a role in enabling people to participate in artistic and cultural expression.

In an era of increasing global homogeneity, local production and participation is especially important.

Member councils deliver, fund, host, support and promote arts and culture in their communities. This includes managing more than 4,000 cultural sites throughout NSW, as well as delivering services, programs, events and local cultural planning.

NSW local government invested $520 million in arts, screen and culture in 2015-16 (The Economic Value of Arts, Screen and Culture in NSW, July 2018).

Current LGNSW initiatives
Past LGNSW initiatives


LGNSW makes regular submissions to the state and federal governments, plus other agencies, to advocate on behalf of the interests of local government and their communities when it comes to arts and culture related issues. LGNSW submissions page