2023 State Election



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Local government pre-election toolkit

The 2023 State Election on 25 March will take place at a critical juncture for the local government sector, with councils and their communities facing unprecedented challenges.

Yet the election also presents an opportunity for all sides of politics to support local government so that, together, we can deliver better outcomes for our communities.

Guided by Annual Conference resolutions from you, our members, we have identified our top 10 priorities for the 2023 State Election that must be addressed if local government is to continue to provide the services and infrastructure our communities deserve.

Local government is calling on all parties and candidates to commit to action across 10 critical areas that will ensure our councils and communities can thrive.

To bolster and amplify these asks, we are encouraging councils to endorse the priorities and join us in advocacy for the benefit of communities across NSW.

LGNSW has developed a pre-election toolkit providing resources your council can use to support LGNSW’s 2023 State Election Priorities.


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