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Submissions 2023

Local Government NSW makes regular submissions on behalf of member councils on a range of issues affecting local governments and the communities they serve.

Topic Submitted to Date
NSW VET Review 2023 NSW Department of Education November 2023
Parliamentary Inquiry: Planning System and the Impacts of Climate Change Portfolio committee No.7 - Planning and Environment November 2023
Proposed reforms to outdoor dining on private land and live music venues
NSW Department of Planning and Environment  November 2023 
Exempt and complying development within existing cemeteries  NSW Department of Planning and Environment  November 2023 
Healthcare Workforce Inquiry Select Committee on Remote, Rural and Regional Health October 2023
Inquiry into Protecting Local Water Utilities from Privatisation Joint Select Committee on Protecting Local Water Utilities from Privatisation October 2023
Invasive Species Management Review Natural Resources Commission October 2023
ACCC Childcare Interim Report ACCC October 2023
National Housing and Homelessness Plan – Issues Paper  Department of Social Services  October 2023
Social and Affordable Housing Reforms - Housing SEPP  NSW Department of Planning and Environment  October 2023 
Phase Three of the Asbestos National Strategic Plan Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency October 2023
Asbestos: Competent Person Requirements  Safe Work Australia October 2023 
Draft IPART ECEC Independent Market Monitoring Review IPART October 2023
Draft Submission Temporary and Seasonal Workers' Accommodation  Department of Planning and Environment  September 2023 
Draft Submission Multicultural Framework Review Department of Home Affairs September 2023
Draft Submission Parliamentary Inquiry Mental Health Care in NSW Portfolio committee No. 2 - Health September 2023
Draft Submission: State Government policy on Arts, Culture and the Creative Industries Create NSW  September 2023 
Parliamentary Inquiry into Pounds in NSW  Portfolio Committee No 8 – Customer Service  August 2023 
Draft Submission 2023-2024 State Budget - NSW Local Government Priorities NSW Treasury July 2023
LGNSW Response IPART Methodology Draft Report IPART July 2023
Independent Review of the Infrastructure Investment Program IIP Review July 2023
Draft Position Statement on Asbestos Contaminated Sites NSW EPA June 2023
Parliamentary Inquiry into the Housing and Productivity Contributions Bill 2023 Portfolio committee No.7 - Planning and Environment June 2023
Draft Submission on IPART ECEC Review IPART May 2023
Draft Submission on National Early Years Strategy Department of Social Services  May 2023
Draft Submission to the National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equity Office for Women, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet April 2023
Submission to the Statutory Review of Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 NSW Department of Planning and Environment April 2023
Going circular in clean energy NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change March 2023
Development of new procurement guidelines Office of Local Government  February 2023
Special Flood Considerations Clause EIE  NSW Department of Planning and Environment
February 2023
IPART Draft Report Competitive Neutrality in NSW  IPART February 2023
Submission on Statutory Review of Biosecurity Act 2015 NSW Department of Primary Industries February 2023 
Review of Councillor Misconduct Framework Office of Local Government February 2023

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