Planning & Facilitating Effective Meetings

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Member calendar training
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This course is scheduled to take place on 29 October 2021

Price: $440 incl GST
Duration: 9.00am - 12.30pm
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The most important influence in ensuring a productive meeting is the chairperson!

Meetings play an important role in the management of all organisations and are an essential part of good corporate governance. They can be a waste of time or very productive and contribute greatly to the success of an organisation. This advanced workshop is designed to enhance the skills of people who chair formal or informal meetings, and concentrates on the finer points of chairing meetings both in the private and public sectors, so that they demonstrate knowledge, leadership and professionalism.

Who should attend?
People required to chair meetings – senior staff and managers in councils and companies, elected members, consultative and sub committee chairpersons, team leaders, board members and club chairpersons.


  • Develop a systematic approach to planning, conducting and following up meetings
  • Understand the structure of an effective meeting and identify types of meetings, purpose and cost
  • Understand the roles, duties and powers of the chair and legal requirements of agendas and minutes
  • Use the correct terms, procedures and rules of debate
  • Discuss the difficulties in running a meeting, dealing with people and situations
  • Use more creative problem solving skills for task orientated meetings, decision making and action planning
  • Identify and use effective communication and behaviour styles
  • Gain and keep respect, enhance personal presentation
  • Participate in and also conduct a formal meeting.

The facilitator will use group and individual exercises, skill practices and video to assist participants to transfer the learning back to the workplace. All participants will be given a reference workbook to take away. They are asked to bring along a copy of a recent meeting agenda and minutes.