Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the awards?
The award is managed and administered by Local Government NSW (LGNSW). LGNSW's mission is to be a credible, professional organisation representing Local Government, providing services to councils and facilitating the development of an efficient, effective, responsive, community based system of Local Government in NSW.

The RH Dougherty Award is one of several awards managed and administered by LGNSW, designed to encourage and recognise best practice in community reporting mechanisms to improve communication strategies between councils and their citizens.

Why are there four awards?
The RH Dougherty Awards began as one award, now known as Reporting to your Community. Throughout the years, the awards have expanded to reflect the expanding range of media options and the need for community feedback which plays an ever-increasing role in the outcome of council decisions.

The RH Dougherty Awards were amended in 2001 to include an award for campaigns in Excellence in Communication and in 2006 this was further expanded to include special events. This award covers communication strategies put in place by councils to meet a specific community related issue, where different media and methodologies are used and where feedback and change are incorporated into the process.

In 2010, the Outstanding Individual Contribution Award was added to acknowledge pivotal communications and events staff within Councils.

In 2015, we are added a new category, the Innovation in Special Event Award. This has been separated out from the Excellence in Communication Award where it previously sat, so events can be judged against events only.

Can my council enter more than one award?
Yes. Councils can enter into more than one award and more than one submission is welcome. If your council has won in previous years, you are welcome to enter again as submissions are judged against the criteria each year. Converse to this, winners of the Outstanding Individual Contribution Award are exempt from entering in following years. Councils may not enter for the same project in subsequent years unless substantial progress has been made in that project.

What is the judging process?
The judging panel consists of representatives from either LGNSW, the Local Government Public Relations Association, the Australian Local Government Association, the metropolitan media or a major sponsor.

When do entries open?
Entries open late March  and close mid May.

When will winners be announced?
The winners will be announced at the Local Government Week Awards Evening at a ticketed, sit-down dinner special event in Sydney. Winners receive a certificate and a beautiful hand blown glass sculptured trophy in a distinctive design. Those who receive a Highly Commended Award receive a certificate.

All entries are acknowledged on the night and LGNSW encourages entrants to attend the evening to celebrate the high standard of work by Local Government in NSW.