Innovation in Special Events

This category recognises a special event produced and owned by a council in the 2020 calendar year. The special events entered could include business events (if applicable) e.g. conference, seminar or summit, cultural, art, music, community, sporting, tourism, commemorative and charity or cause related events could also be entered for consideration.

The event may be linked to a strategy or campaign but will be judged here as a stand-alone component. The event should demonstrate a clear outcome that it delivered excellence in fulfilling its intention. If an event is an annual event, it needs to show growth, change, innovation and demonstrate outcomes and any legacy.

All entries must be submitted online:

  • The submission online
  • Two photos should be included no larger than 2 MB each
  • Attach examples of special event print collateral
  • Maximum of two support documents

Entry is open to NSW councils and county councils who are members of LGNSW are eligible to enter. 

Judging Criteria

To be eligible, submissions must address each criteria listed below:

  1.  Clear and concise event brief describing the goals, situational analysis, audience, event plan and format and what the event is intended to deliver
  2. A short description of strategy development, communication and stakeholder involvement
  3. Summary of event funding, budget and revenue if applicable and available
  4. Show communication methods and distribution outlets, use of innovation and differing communication tools and how they motivated their audience
  5. Describe delivery of the event and its results
  6. Outline the innovation and legacy elements
  7. Outline the sustainability and accessibility elements if appropriate
  8. Describe evaluation methods and results 

Judges will be looking for events that demonstrate some of the following results:

  • What  significant contribution the event makes to the economic development of a city or region through the attraction of visitors and/or the reputation of the Council or LGA
  • How the event raises awareness
  • How the event promotes engagement and benefit’s the target audience
  • How the event provides a rewarding experience for the attendees
  • How the event shows originality in the way the event was promoted to its target audience or in the way it was planned or executed