Reporting to Your Community

Reporting to Your Community recognises all forms of community reporting (publications) such as:

  • Annual reports.
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Websites
  • Digital communication
  • Advertising or specialist publications or other media applications produced in the 2020 calendar year.

All entries must be submitted online:

  • The submission is online 
  • Two photos no larger than 2MB each
  • Attach examples of the communication piece
  • Maximum of two support documents

Entry is open to NSW councils and county councils that are members of LGNSW are eligible to enter. 

Judging Criteria

To be eligible, submissions must address each criteria listed below:

  1. Overall Report Strategy: Short overview of the report strategy including content, identification of the audience(s) and method of delivery (medium).
  2. Visual Presentation: Explain the choice of visual presentation: design, layout and language and its relevance to the material and audience.  
  3. Budget: Briefly outline your budget: (how much it cost and whether it was a cost effective use of resources. This should include all expenses, including production, printing, distribution and evaluation costs).
  4. Distribution Methods: Describe your distribution methods and print run or coverage (online).  
  5. Evaluation: Describe any feedback or evaluation methods received.
  6. Thematic Unity: Account for thematic unity: whether it conveys a clear sense of local character and council/community concerns.
  7. Innovation: Give reasons why the report shows excellence and innovation.