Asbestos Management


Denise Anderson
Senior Policy Officer - Environment

Phone: 02 9242 4056

Winner Division A and Overall Winner          

Snowy Valleys Council: Batlow Cannery demolition
The Batlow Cannery demolition project commenced in December 2019 and was subsequently heavily impacted by bushfire in January 2020, drastically altering the original demolition scope. The bushfire caused the formerly bonded asbestos to became friable, dispersing around the site and thus requiring significant additional clean-up. The removal of above ground asbestos and dangerous structures now offers the opportunity for Council to potentially re-use / activate the site.

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burnt Batlow cannery

Highly Commended Division B

Tamworth Regional Council: Waste disposal permit system
Tamworth Regional Council introduced a new process for the assessing deliveries of special waste types received at the local landfill by introducing a permit system. The permits apply to three main commercial waste types including asbestos, contaminated waste, and clean fill waste. The new permit system has improved the management of asbestos on site, resulting in efficiency gains. In addition, the permit system makes waste generators aware of the requirements for transportation of asbestos waste.

Winner Division C          

Liverpool City Council: Asbestos exposure - risk assessment project
Liverpool City Council has historically encountered extensive asbestos contaminated fill and staff expressed concern about potential exposure to asbestos. Council engaged an occupational hygienist to undertake a risk assessment at selected asbestos-affected parks and reserves where Council’s grounds maintenance crews were working.  The overall asbestos exposure risk to Council’s crews and the public was considered very low to negligible.  This fed into Council’s ongoing asbestos awareness training program resulting in increased awareness and improved confidence for Council staff to work in asbestos affected sites.

Highly Commended Division C   

Penrith City Council: Steamroller Park remediation project
The Steamroller Park asbestos remediation project was established to address asbestos concerns and return the park to a safe, healthy condition. Environmental investigations informed the development of remediation action plan, landscaping and construction plans, while the communications plan included regular updates to the community and Councillors.  The project resulted in the removal and management of all asbestos related risks on site and provided upgrades which will have long-term benefits for the community through improved amenities and long-term environmental outcomes.