Resource Recovery


Denise Anderson
Senior Policy Officer - Environment

Phone: 02 9242 4056

Winner Division C and Overall Winner

Shoalhaven City Council: Bushfire demolition waste recovery facility
The South Coast was severely impacted by the devastating bushfires of the 2019/2020 summer with over 300 homes in the Shoalhaven destroyed and 150 houses impacted. 

In order to preserve the capacity of its only putrescible waste landfill, Shoalhaven City Council opted to set up a temporary bushfire demolition waste processing facility. Any demolition waste that was unaffected by asbestos contamination was able to be recycled.  In the three months of operation, the facility processed nearly 18,000 tonnes of demolition waste from 313 homes, recovering a staggering 96% of the material for reuse.

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A conveyor belt and stockpile at Shoalhaven Council's resource recovery centre 

Highly Commended Division C

Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils: Procure Recycled - Paving the Way
Paving the Way is the first phase of a joint local government initiative led by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils to drive end markets for recycled materials and stimulate investment in critical regional resource recovery infrastructure through a large-scale joint regional procurement of asphalt, non-structural concrete, and pipe bedding with mandated inclusion of recycled crushed glass as a substitute for natural sand. Joined by 16 metropolitan Sydney councils and in close collaboration with Transport for NSW and NATSPEC, it is the largest local government-led procurement of civil works materials with recycled crushed glass in Australia to date. It is expected to create a market for approximately one-third of the domestic glass collections in these council areas.