Water Management


Denise Anderson
Senior Policy Officer - Environment

Phone: 02 9242 4056

Winner Division C and Overall Winner

City of Sydney: Green Square - enabling urban renewal through effective flood risk management
The collaboration between City of Sydney and Sydney Water on the Green Square Stormwater Drain project provides an innovative approach to reducing flood hazard in a heavily built-up area with high community expectations. The project combines complex hydraulic analysis and assessment with innovative construction techniques. Through the provision of stormwater treatment, downstream water quality is improved and water is recycled for non-potable water use showcasing the way urban water resources should be utilised and managed in an uncertain environment where climate change plays an increasing role.

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deep constructed pit showing micro tunnelling and pipe jacking equipment

Winner Division A

Murray River Council: Smart water meters project
Murray River Council has invested $4.2 million to install over 8,500 Smart Water Meters for residential and commercial properties, measuring both filtered and raw water connections, to provide proactive customer service, identify and reduce unnecessary water loss, improve network operation and streamline billing. Installation began in March 2020 and by June 2020 (despite COVID-19 disruptions) 3,381 filtered smart water meters have been installed and are providing valuable data and insights. Already Council has been alerted to 3.3 million litres of water loss on the customer side as possible leaks within one month. This is the equivalent of nearly 40 million litres per year.