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Climate Change Adaptation Survey

In 2018, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment (formerly OEH) and LGNSW surveyed member councils on what’s needed to help minimise the impact of climate change on NSW communities. The 2018 survey built on the findings of the 2015 survey.

Resources developed by councils

The following reports are outputs of projects funded through the Increasing Resilience to Climate Change program

NSW Government resources

Net zero swimming pools
The following resources have been created to assist pool operators realise opportunities for energy efficiency improvement energy efficiency and transition to net zero operations across their portfolio:

  • Net Zero Pool Guide – Develop an awareness of appropriate and generally applicable energy efficiency opportunities specific to the pools context 
  • Pools Toolkit – An interactive toolkit that allows users to input key information on their facility, providing guidance on site-specific upgrades  
  • Business Case Templates – Streamlines the process for pool stakeholders to source funding to implement a Net Zero Pools Program 

Net zero solar tool
An online assessment tool to model the energy and financial performance of on-site solar and battery storage projects. The tool can assist energy users test a range of project sizes, cost and technical considerations for different solar scenarios.

Regional council sewage and water treatment plant energy efficiency tool
This is an interactive tool which allows the user to enter site specific details to assess 10 commonly found energy efficiency opportunities in STPs and WTPs.