Economic Development & Tourism


Elizabeth Robertson
Senior Policy Officer 

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Local government plays a key role in the promotion of local and regional economic development and employment growth.

One area of increasing importance is placemaking, which involves working with residents and businesses to create desirable and accessible public spaces that enhance social and economic vitality.

The sphere of local government is closest to the community, therefore it has a unique role in recognising and enhancing the identity of local places. Indeed, local character is a key economic asset, which is why councils strive to find a balance between economic growth and the preservation of local culture.

Placemaking strategies implemented by NSW councils range from small-scale temporary activations such as pop ups, to large-scale activations such as new town centres.

Current Initiatives

Destination and Visitor Economy Conference – An opportunity to connect with industry peers and share new local government tourism initiatives. Learn More

Tourism – Local Government plays a pivotal role in tourism activity, with councils actively involved in promoting tourism, providing infrastructure and services to support tourism, and managing the impacts of tourism. Learn More

Night Time Economy Councils’ Committee (NTECC) and Network – As a member of the NTECC, LGNSW helps promote best practice in managing a safe and vibrant night time economy. Learn More 

Small Business – Businesses are attracted to local government areas where it’s easy to do business and there is support for sustained growth. Learn More

Economic Development Network – A forum for council staff involved in promoting sustainable economic development for the benefit of their local communities. Join Now


LGNSW makes regular submissions to the state and federal governments, plus other agencies, to advocate on behalf of the interests of local government and their communities when it comes to economic development and tourism-related issues.

Please visit our submissions page for more details