Amalgamation Toolkit: Guidance for leaders

The importance of planning for and delivering a successful amalgamation process is considerable, as it will impact every aspect of the new entity’s structures, systems, culture and people - both in the short and longer term. Ensuring that the transition is smooth, and that time critical milestones are achieved, will not happen by accident. The task of merging large and complex business enterprises needs to be well thought out, planned and executed, with all stakeholders, specifically employees, engaged in the process and fully aware of what is occurring, when, why and how.

The key to successfully and smoothly facilitating the amalgamation of councils will be strong, clear and consultative leadership; the application of a robust, simple, effective and compliant framework; and staff being well prepared with communications and supportive training. Together, these will guide and support the new entity through the challenging and complex process of change to ensure a thriving council able to best service their community.

This section outlines key considerations and steps required of senior leaders and those tasked with managing the amalgamation process. Reviewing this section will help ensure the myriad of considerations and tasks comprising the process are adequately accounted for during the transition stages.

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