This program is about getting your career on track. You will walk away with a clear action plan to achieve the outcome you desire. It will establish the key skills to raise your visibility and start taking ownership towards your future.

Who should attend

Program is open to all staff wanting to get serious about their career.


Career Development - Your career at present, what are the highlights and why this is important to build confidence, that do you enjoy at present, is it in line with your core values, what it looks like, what is vision (do you have one) for the future, what are the key drivers for success and how do we plan it.

'Did you know only 5% of people around the world have a clear career plan for their future.

Let us help you create a vision'.

Networking - Authentic Networking without business cards, what it looks like benefits to you and how we can help others, what is your image and visibility within the organisation, how curiosity fosters positive connections and outcomes.

'How do we move ahead if the right people don't know we exist?'

Mentoring - Benefits and why have key people of influence, how do we ask someone to be a mentor, what about the planning, who is accountable and how to drive the session, timeframes and what to look for, why you should have a variety at the same time.

'Someone to give you the nudge and see's the belief in you'

Goal Setting - Life is about taking action, we will look at the 7 step process on what it looks like to achieve and each participant will walk away with a tangible action plan post program.


The workshop combines blended learning techniques, with practical and real-life content to enhance participants learning. It is designed used active learning principles and includes group discussions and practical exercises to embed the learning.


Deb Elliott, Director of Fly Consulting. Deb has been training and developing people for over 15 years. She has a genuine authenticity about her that enables her to bring out the best in people. Deb is known for her infectious energy and facilitation style. She is passionate about motivating people to create change. Deb brings professional and personal life experiences to all her programs with extensive training experience in both the private and public sector.