Effectively Communicating Council Information – priorities and initiatives

Learn how to convert complex topics into easy to digest information that engages non-technical audiences.


This practical full-day workshop demonstrates preparation and delivery of audience-centred and action-oriented messages.


  • Learn to communicate clearly and succinctly.
  • Develop skills to deliver audience-centred messages.
  • Increase effectiveness and save time communicating.
  • Practcse message delivery and receive feedback.

Who should attend?

Councillors, senior staff, media and communications officers, project managers.


  • Frameworks for
    • identifying the “what, why and how” of communicating council priorities and initiatives
    • ensuring any communication is audience-centred and aims to generate clear outcomes.
  • How to craft clear, succinct and relevant messages. 
  • How to deliver these messages in public forums and maintain control.
  • Thinking on your feet to ensure messages are heard and understood.
  • Delivering verbal messages and receiving individual feedback.
  • Drafting written messages and receiving individual feedback.
  • Open forum – an opportunity to explore and discuss issues pertaining to your role that may not have been covered in the formal part of the program.


Group discussion and knowledge sharing, council case studies, skills practices and demonstrations, and local government-oriented examples to help transfer learning to the workplace.


Greg Crowther