Drone Operations in Local Government

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), also known as ‘drones’, are increasingly capable and adaptable across a range of tasks that are performed by local government. From infrastructure management and vegetation mapping to land use planning and tourism, drones have the capacity to perform many tasks, often saving time and money when used appropriately.

There are many options variables to consider when determining the best use of drones – the range of technologies available and how they may be used, public safety, current laws surrounding drone operations, contractor versus in-house operations – these are just a few of the issues to address in determining how and when drones may be used in the local government environment. 

Dates and Locations

Date Location
18 October 2018 Griffith
23 October  2018 Armidale
8 November 2018 Merimbula

For more information. please download Drone Operations in Local Government (PDF, 80KB).