• Crowne Plaza Terrigal Pine Tree Lane, Terrigal NSW 2260


    The tourism conference presents a platform for councillors and council staff to meet, listen to experts and peers, and find out how other councils are engaging and managing their tourism industry.
  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    With greater community expectations and current line manager accounting responsibilities, managers are increasingly being expected to understand, interpret and explain financial issues as they pertain to their departments or sections.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    This interactive session will provide Council staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to better communicate and connect with their communities on social media.

  • Throughout NSW

    LGNSW is offering this two day workshop in partnership with INS Consulting.

  • Dubbo, NSW


    This program is a partnership between LGNSW and the Institute of Internal Auditors.  The program will assist NSW councils to implement the new risk management and internal audit framework.

  • Parkroyal Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 200

    Local Government Research and Innovation Showcase 2019

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW

    Internal Audit is shortly to be mandated across NSW local government.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    This interactive workshop we will look at the full spectrum of workplace behaviour, from unlawful and unacceptable behaviours through to behaviour that is aligned with values - and the behaviours that fall in between.  We will consider the different standards, expectations and assumptions about ‘appropriate’ behaviour that we all bring to work and the impact of different behaviours on different people.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    John F. Kennedy could read at 5000 words per minute (wpm) and Jimmy Carter could read at 3000. What about you? What’s your reading speed? The average Australian reads at 220 wpm with 60% comprehension.  We all have the potential to at least double or triple our reading speed and improve our comprehension. And depending on our motivation, read at thousands of words per minute.