• Singleton Shire Council

    On 1 May 2019 LGNSW & Singleton Shire Council will host a forum on best pract

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    John F. Kennedy could read at 5000 words per minute (wpm) and Jimmy Carter could read at 3000. What about you? What’s your reading speed? The average Australian reads at 220 wpm with 60% comprehension.  We all have the potential to at least double or triple our reading speed and improve our comprehension. And depending on our motivation, read at thousands of words per minute.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW

    This interactive program is designed to give the participants a good understanding of how to provide the best service possible.

  • Maddocks, Angel Place Level 27, 123 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW 2000
    The topic for the next seminar will be ‘Do Music Festivals have a Future in NSW?’.
  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    A two-day program to help the soon-to-be-appointed or newly-appointed supervisor, team leader or manager with the essential skills to manage, direct, lead and motivate their teams to perform to agreed standards and expectations.

  • Coventry Room, Parkes Shire Council, 2 Cecile St, Parkes

    LGNSW will hold a one-day workshop for councils to learn more about the Rapid Assessment Met

  • Coff Harbour, NSW


    This program is a partnership between LGNSW and the Institute of Internal Auditors.  The program will assist NSW councils to implement the new risk management and internal audit framework.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    Meetings play an important role in the management of all organisations and are an essential part of good corporate governance. This workshop is designed to assist Councillors in gaining the skills and confidence required to effectively chair, participate in and contribute to council meetings.

  • Temora Bowling Club, Bowling Club Lane (signposted) off Loftus Street, Temora NSW 2666

    LGNSW Council Summits 

    Following a successful series of council summits last year, members have continued to express a desire for engagement on a regional basis.

  • LGNSW, 28 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000


    This program is about getting your career on track. You will walk away with a clear action plan to achieve the outcome you desire. It will establish the key skills to raise your visibility and start taking ownership towards your future.