Integrating the Local Government Capability Framework in Recruitment & Performance Development

LGNSW is offering this two day workshop in partnership with INS Consulting.

Please note the workshop can be attended by the same staff member on both days or a different staff member can be nominated on each day.

Day 1 - Creating Position Descriptions with the Capability Framework to attract better fitting talent

  • Understand and design the components of a clear, accessible and succinct capability based PD
  • Appeal to a diverse groups including applicants outside Local Government
  • Hire for attitude as well as skills

Advertising Positions

  • Construct adverts that improve recruitment outcomes using capabilities
  • Build on the appeal created with your Capability Framework PD to better target intended applicants and attract talent from a wider pool

Using the Capability Framework in your recruitment process

  • Make it easier to choose the right applicants for your shortlist
  • Ensure alignment between the PD, advert and application process

Assessing applicants using the Capability Framework

  • Assess a resume based on the capability framework
  • Incorporate work based assessments

Day 2 - Creating Performance Agreements that engage your staff

  • Incorporate organisational goals into staff agreements
  • Create a collaborative process that empowers staff and clarifies expectations
  • Use capabilities to support employee and performance development from appointment onwards

Using the capability framework to assist your managers:

  • Inspire the behaviours that will best support your Council’s culture and values
  • Address behavioural and attitudinal gaps
  • Provide language for difficult performance conversations

Using the capability framework to develop staff

  • Develop behaviours as well as skills
  • Identify employee’s capabilities
  • Assess outcomes against required capabilities

Using the capability framework to create mobility for your workforce

  • Provide advancement/development based on capabilities to broaden opportunities for individuals and better apply your workforce capability
  • Understand the difference between capabilities and ‘capability’.


This workshop will combine information, practical exercises and case studies to guide participants in applying capabilities.

Who should attend

The workshop is designed for people managers and/or human resource practitioners who are currently using or planning to use the local government capability framework in performance management and development process.


The workshop will be facilitated by INS Consultants who are experienced utilising capability frameworks to recruit, manage, assess and develop performance.