Leading and Managing a Learning Environment

This workshop will develop the capabilities of participants to lead learning and training in their council.

Participants will develop skills, knowledge and strategies to influence council managers to ensure they invest and support learning and development.

The workshop will also help participants develop capabilities to provide learning solutions that achieve effective and value-for-money business outcomes.

By attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify learning opportunities for individuals outside the training room
  • Create a learning network within the business and create a culture of learning
  • Influence leaders to value learning and development
  • Provide leaders with the tools to support learning on and off the job
  • Identify different ways to support the retention of learning
  • Support leaders to be learning leaders
  • Identify different learning styles to design and deliver learning
  • Apply learning style principles in the design and delivery of learning solutions

For more information, please download Leading and Managing a Learning Environment (PDF 310KB)