Managing Change and Uncertainty

Councils are currently undergoing major changeand uncertainty - council amalgamations in particular, are creating considerable stress for many staff. This can have a significant impact on staff morale, productivity and staff turnover. 

This workshop will help participants to understand how we as humans typically deal with major change and uncertainty. This includes denial and resistance,as well as exploration and commitment.  While denial and resistance are typical, natural reactions to major change, they can also be counter-productive if we remain stuck there. 

The workshop will help participants recognise how they are personally dealing with major change and uncertainty, validate these types of responses, and provide strategies to make the most of any opportunities that change presents to them.

For more information, please download Managing Change and Uncertainty (PDF, 42KB).

Locations Dates      
Sydney 8 March 2016
Ballina 18 April 2016
Sydney 16 June 2016
Queanbeyan 21 June 2016