Managing Workplace Reform

This workshop is based on the recently released Local Government Workplace Reform Kit: Managing Workplace Change. This toolkit has been prepared by Local Government NSW to offer detailed and practical guidance on working through workplace change resulting from boundary changes or amalgamations that require staff to transfer from one council to another, or to a newly created council. It is based on both the legislative framework and the lessons learned by councils that have experienced substantial structural reform.

Past experience of both forced and voluntary amalgamations and boundary changes shows that managing the workforce and workplace issues is one of the most significant challenges to be faced.

For many communities, local government is a very important employer, and councils rely on a high quality workforce to undertake their vital roles in service delivery, planning and regulation.

The Local Government Workplace Reform Kit: Managing Workplace Change (the Reform Kit) was developed in 2015 by LGNSW, in consultation with industry stakeholders, to assist amalgamating councils manage the reform process in a way that meets legal and ethical obligations to their employees.

The Reform Kit provides an overview of the legislation concerning amalgamations and boundary changes.

For more information, please download Managing Workplace Reform (PDF, 42KB).