Mayors' Weekend Seminar

  • Date:

    29 June - 30 June 2019

  • Location:

    Sydney CBD, for venue details contact LGNSW Learning Solutions

Mayors are the face of local government. The role is an important and demanding one.

People expect mayors to provide the leadership required for councils to work effectively and address community priorities.

Local government in NSW has faced sweeping reforms: amalgamations, new arrangements for strategic planning

and regional cooperation, plus a far-reaching review of the Local Government Act (1993).

At the same time, communities are experiencing the impact of quickening economic and social change, as well as intense development pressures in our major towns and cities.

These challenges require fresh thinking and sound local leadership. The pressures on mayors can only increase.

Seminar Program

The program has a strong practical focus with workshop sessions and ample time for exchanges of views and networking. Topics include:

  • Current issues and challenges facing Mayors and their councils
  • The Mayoral Toolkit – the changing role of Mayors and important ‘tools of the trade’
  • The Mayor as community leader – locally and at the regional level
  • The Mayor as council leader – working with other councillors, chairing meetings
  • The Mayor and General Manager
  • State-local relations.+


The Roundtable will be led by experienced local government practitioners including:

Who Should Attend

This program is designed specially for Mayors, Deputy Mayors and those Councillors who are considering standing for the position of Mayor in the near future. Registration is therefore limited to elected members.