Social Media and Media Skills for Councillors

Social Media - 9am-12pm

Leaders today are judged not only on their ability to communicate but on their readiness to understand and adopt new forms of communication.

This interactive workshop will give Councillors and Management an overview of the most influential social networks and their value, and show them how to use social for their benefit and that of Council’s, so their social presence positively impacts business objectives.Participants will be provided with strategies and tactics to support their Council's overarching business and communication priorities.

Learning will also be supported with a range of resources including:

    - A social media 101 guide

    - A guide on how to engage on Facebook

Content - Social Media for Councillors

Participants will develop skills and knowledge in:  

  • Social media fundamentals: the types of social media networks and which ones will work for Councillors.
  • How to build your brand as a Councillor on social media.
  • Your responsibility as a Council representative on social media.
  • How to engage with your community on social media and build a following.


This workshop is interactive and hands-on, so please bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the workshop.

The facilitator will engage you in demonstrations, discussions and practice activities to assist understanding and application of Social Media strategies.


Janine Marin comes has worked in digital marketing across various levels of government, the most recent being with the NSW Department of Justice where she developed and led the social media strategy and overall management of social media for the Department. However, it was her time working for local government where her passion for digital and government began and continued to grow, so much so that Janine has just launched Digital Honey a creative communications and marketing solutions agency catering to the government and the public sector


Media Skills - 1pm-4.30pm

This practical workshop has been designed to provide councillors and relevant professional staff with practical techniques to enable them to be more comfortable, confident and effective in dealing with the media.

Who should attend

Councillors and senior staff and other professionals who might have to deal with the media.

Content - Media skills for Councillors

  • Frameworks to help reduce the time and stress levels associated with preparing for a media interview
  • Skills and techniques for keeping in control
  • Tips for thinking on your feet
  • Introductions and setting the scene
  • Role of media interviews in helping position council with its communities
  • Understanding what to do before an interview
  • Delivering messages that are interesting, relevant and newsworthy
  • Keeping control in the face to tough questions
  • Implications of being a representative of council in the media
  • Open forum – an opportunity to explore and discuss issues pertaining to your role that may not have been covered in the formal part of the program.


The facilitator will use group discussions, council case studies, skills practices, and Local Government oriented examples, to help you transfer your learning to the workplace.


Greg Crowther is a communication practitioner with more than 25 years experience as both an in-house communications executive and an external adviser to business and government. He held the position of Communications Director with the NSW State Rail Authority and the Australian Wool Corporation.His approach to stakeholder communication is rare.  He is a communication counsel and coach. This means working with leaders and communicators to develop and execute communication plans. He also helps them on what to say and how to say it in face-to-face and electronic environments.

Greg has been at the front line of managing complex; high-stakes issues and has a solid grounding in communicating with internal and external stakeholders and interest groups.