Transitioning Merging Teams

Merged councils are building their new identity. The merging of teams who performed similar roles in the former councils is a cornerstone in this process.

New, larger teams are able to deliver a broader range of services. For example, in the case of HR, the opportunity is to do more strategic work as well as the operational, transactional HR.

The opportunity of improved service provision, however, can only be fully realised if the “people side” of merging teams is covered.

People go through an inner process of transition to adapt to a new reality. A crucial element in the process is acknowledging and dealing with the achievements of their old reality; their role and team in the former council.

Whilst it is tempting to “get on with it” and focus only on the opportunities mergers offer, allowing employees the space for their personal transition process has some key benefits:

  • It builds strong personal connections between team members; and
  • It shapes employee engagement with the newly merged council.

Workshop participants will expand their team-building knowledge and toolkit to give teams in their merged organisation the greatest chance of success. Participants from the same organisation will experience team-building first hand.

For more information, please download Transitioning Merging Teams (PDF, 60KB).