NSW Local Government Remuneration Tribunal

The NSW Local Government Remuneration Tribunal decides each year what councillors’ annual fees will be. The Tribunal is required to make a determination by no later than 1 May each year.

LGNSW makes submissions to the Remuneration Tribunal, seeking fairer and more equitable fees for all NSW councillors. Copies of recent submissions and Tribunal decisions can be found below:


Report and Determination 2019 (PDF, 436KB)

LGNSW Submission 2019 (PDF, 2,865KB)


Report and Determination 2018 (PDF, 369KB)

LGNSW Submission 2018 (PDF, 364KB)


Report and Determination 2017 (PDF, 380KB)

LGNSW Submission 2017 (PDF, 484KB)


Report and Determination 2016 (PDF, 268KB)

LGNSW Submission 2016 (PDF, 3MB)


Report and Determination 2015 (PDF, 792KB)

LGNSW Submission 2015 (PDF, 6MB)