Service Awards

LGNSW grants three awards for long-serving elected members who meet eligibility criteria:

  • Outstanding Service
  • Certificate of Service
  • Emeritus Mayor

To apply for an award, council must fill in the online order form. One form per recipient.

  • On completion of the form, a copy will be emailed to you for your records and an invoice will be sent to your council.
  • Please allow a minimum of four weeks for delivery of the award after receipt of order.
  • The general manager's tick-box on the form indicates that the information is correct and has (wherever possible) been checked with the recipient of the certificate.
  • Reprinting incorrect certificates may incur a fee.

Please find more information on each of the awards below.

Outstanding Service

Eligibility criteria

  • Elected members that have completed a cumulative total of at least 20 years of service to local government in NSW.

Description of award

A rhodium medal featuring LGNSW’s logo with the recipient’s name and the year of presentation engraved on the reverse side, presented in an embossed presentation case.  

For those who continue to serve, and at retirement have completed 25 or more years of service, a ‘Bar’ with the total number of years served inscribed upon it can be affixed to the original medal.

Certificate of Service

Certificates of Service are available from LGNSW as an acknowledgement of the work of retiring or long-serving elected members. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Retired elected members: completion of two terms (eight years)
  • Currently serving elected members: completion of three terms (12 years)

Description of award

A4 certificate presented in a black frame. 

Emeritus Mayor

This award is intended to provide ongoing recognition to those who have served as a mayor. Academic institutions recognise their retiring valued members with the title of Emeritus Professor, LGNSW  recognises senior members as Emeritus Mayors. 

Eligibility criteria

  • The title of Emeritus Mayor can only be conferred on a former Mayor who has served six years as a mayor.
  • The title cannot be used while in office. 

Description of award

The recipient will receive a certificate and lapel pin which recognises service as a mayor to council.

Lapel pins are also available to be ordered for those Emeritus Mayors previously awarded this title prior to August 2016. The lapel pin is presented in an embossed presentation case. Order a pin using the online order form.
LGNSW has discretion to withhold or withdraw the conferral of the Emeritus Mayor Award if a proposed recipient/recipient engages in behaviour that is likely to (or does) discredit the local government sector.