Local Government Remuneration Tribunal 2020 Review

Members are advised that the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) has commenced its 2020 review of the fees payable to Mayors and Councillors.

Pursuant to s. 241 of the Local Government Act 1993, the Tribunal is required to make an annual determination by no later than 1 May of each year on the fees payable to Mayors and Councillors.

Every three years, the Tribunal is also required to review the categorisation of councils. As foreshadowed in the 2019 Determination, the Tribunal intends to commence the 2020 review earlier than usual in order to conduct a review of the existing categorisation model and explore alternative models.

On this basis, the Tribunal proposes to create a new category of ‘Regional Centre’ for Non-Metropolitan councils. The range of fees payable to the proposed new category, if determined, will be between the range of fees currently paid to Regional Rural and Regional Strategic Centre.

The Tribunal is seeking feedback on the proposed classification model and the allocation of individual councils in the model outlined by the Tribunal, in addition to the range of fees payable in the proposed classification model.

Members are requested to advise LGNSW if they will be making a submission to the Tribunal, and to share their submissions with LGNSW in advance.

Those members making a submission to the Tribunal for the 2020 review are encouraged to contact Blake Robson, Industrial Officer, on (02) 9242 4148 or via email at Blake.Robson@lgnsw.org.au no later than Friday 13 December 2019.