LGNSW Policy Principles

LGNSW has developed a clearer 'policy compass' for the core principles that are important to our members. These Policy Principles guide our advocacy, inclucing submissions and interactions with policy makers. The Principles were endorsed by the LGNSW Board in December 2016.


NSW Local Government deserves strong advocacy in pursuing the policies we develop. We write the arguments and submissions that the President and Board use in advocating to the NSW & Australian Governments. We represent members in many NSW Government advisory processes.

Advocacy Priorities 2019.


Councils work to a huge number of Acts, regulations and programs. We provide advice to councils across many Local Government service, regulatory, revenue and other functions.

Capacity Building

We sponsor important capacity building projects to assist councils further develop their service, regulatory and other functions. At a council level, our specialist teams help bring to life interesting, and often inspiring, projects.

Policy Topics