Destination 2036 Action Plan

Watershed Gathering

We acknowledge the Destination 2036 gathering of Mayor, general managers and others in Dubbo in 2011, generated significant enthusiasm to confront the problems facing NSW Local Government.

Councils want those problems tackled in fresh, co-ordinated and co-operative fashion between the NSW Government and councils. We are working hard to play our part in achieving this.

Implementation Steering Committee (ISC)

In line with the Destination 2036 Communiqué the Minister for Local Government established an Implementation Steering Committee (ISC) to prepare an Action Plan, focusing on the next four years.

The ISC involves the Chief Executive of the Division of Local Government (Chair), the Presidents of the Local Government NSW and the President of Local Government Managers Australia NSW (LGMA NSW).

The ISC developed a draft Action Plan based on the material contained in the Destination 2036 Outcomes Report. That draft Action Plan was consulted on up until February 2012.

Based on this consultation and the advent of the Local Government Review Panel, the ISC finalised the Plan and submitted it to the Minister for Local Government in May 2012.

We will announce our next steps when the Plan is released.