Resources and Case Studies


Councils can use the following resources to address the issue of asbestos:

Model Asbestos Policy

  • Produced by LGNSW and the NSW Government and issued under section 23A of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW), councils are encouraged to use the Model Asbestos Policy as the basis for their own asbestos policies.

Asbestos Management Decision Tree

Managing asbestos when buildings are damaged by small scale fires

  • Guidance (PDF, 72KB) produced by LGNSW and the NSW Government to aid council staff in understanding the roles and responsibilities of various agencies in managing buildings that contain asbestos materials that are fire-damaged.

Naturally occurring asbestos

Guidelines for Cutting, Handling and Disposal of Asbestos Pipes

  • Guidance material from the Water Directorate on cutting, handling and disposing of asbestos cement pipes, designed to assist local water utilities. To access a copy of the 2018 guidelines, contact the Water Directorate.

Asbestos-related work and beards/ facial hair

  • The information (PDF, 60KB) has been extracted from the Code of Practice - How to Safely Remove Asbestos. It helps councils consider how beards or facial hair affect the efficacy and selection of respiratory protective equipment for workers undertaking asbestos-related work.

Asbestos-related work and health monitoring

Health Monitoring Guides published by Safe Work Australia in 2013

  • This document (PDF, 56KB) outlines four guides on health monitoring that were released by Safe Work Australia in 2013.

Asbestos Waste

  • Visit the NSW EPA website for information on requirements for asbestos waste.

Illegal dumping grants

Asbestos and Telstra Communication Pits

  • Advice (PDF, 34KB) prepared for NSW councils in response to inquiries regarding asbestos in Telstra communication pits.

Asbestos Blueprint

Case Studies

Read how councils across NSW are managing the risk of asbestos in the following case studies:

Gundagai Shire Council

Holroyd City Council

Kiama Municipal Council

North East Waste

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

Willoughby City Council