Small Business

Small businesses make an important contribution to the social and economic vibrancy of communities, creating employment, providing essential goods and services and establishing communities as attractive places in which to live and visit. LGNSW recognises that ease of doing business is important in attracting businesses and supporting them to grow.

Easy to do Business and Small Business Friendly Councils programs

In November 2017 the NSW Small Business Commissioner wrote to NSW councils to invite them to join two new initiatives – Easy to do Business and Small Business Friendly Councils.

Both are designed to increase council productivity and boost local economies and will benefit councils, small businesses and local communities.

The Easy to do Business (EtdB) program aims to simplify licensing and approvals for business owners when starting or growing their business, by offering a single online platform for customers to transact across all three levels of government to obtain the information, registrations and approvals they need to start or grow their business.

EtdB also offers personalised support and will cover five target sectors (cafes, restaurants and small bars; housing construction; clothing retail; printing; and road freight).

Local Government NSW Chief Executive is a member of the EtdB Steering Committee, representing local councils in decision making for the program’s delivery.

In late 2017 the Office of the Small Business Commissioner will be visiting councils around NSW, demonstrating the benefits of the EtdB program and encouraging councils to join. Please see the Office of the Small Business Commissioner’s EtdB presentation (PPSX 2.3MB) for further information on this program.

The Small Business Friendly Councils (SBFC) program provides councils with information, initiatives, networks and resources to build capabilities and assist them to support local businesses. It also showcases councils’ small business initiatives and provides workshops, newsletters, and an online case study library among many other activities. Currently, over half of NSW councils are SBFC councils.