Strategic Land Use Planning

Planning for the Sydney Region

In November 2017, the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) released a Draft Regional Plan for Greater Sydney a long term (40-year) plan for Sydney which proposes reshaping Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities – the Western Parkland City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City over the next 40 years. The GSC also placed on exhibition five draft District Plans for the districts within the Greater Sydney Region.

LGNSW has made the following submissions to the GSC:

  • April 2017 - Detailed submission on draft district plans - contains 28 recommendations relevant to local government across all districts. Key recommendations were:
    • Clarify implementation, roles and responsibilities, especially for state agencies and GSC commissioners;
    • How will local government be involved in implementation of the District Plans?;
    • Coordination, commitment and funding infrastructure delivery to support the growth targets in the plans; and
    • Further development of key policy areas, such as value sharing, protecting employment lands and affordable rental housing targets.
  • December 2017 – Submission on the Draft Greater Sydney Region Plan - supports the directions and objectives in the Draft Plan and emphasises the following:
    • importance of GSC leadership for cross-agency collaboration;
    • critical need for NSW Government endorsement of a whole-of-government approach;
    • timely upfront delivery of infrastructure to support growth without compromising the objectives of productivity, liveability and sustainability;
    • greater attention required on alternative funding mechanisms for infrastructure;
    • importance of local government as a partner in delivering the Greater Sydney Region Plan; and
    • need for further development of plans and policy to facilitate implementation, (including value capture, protecting employment lands and affordable rental housing targets).

NSW Regional Plans

Outside of Sydney, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment has developed 9 Regional Plans for the remainder of the state. Each plan has an implementation plan with specific short term actions. Councils, State agencies, service providers and the development industry all share responsibility for implementing the Regional Plan actions and monitoring outcomes.


Community Engagement Practice

In 2014, Local Government NSW undertook research on the community engagement practices of councils in relation to land use planning. The research revealed that councils are developing more proactive, professional engagement strategies that are involving communities much earlier in the plan making process than in past years. Twenty councils were involved in this research and the report is called Involving Locals in Local Plan Making, December 2014 (PDF, 510KB).