Increasing Resilience to Climate Change Grants


Stefanie Garland
Climate Change Grants Manager

Phone: 02 9242 4019
Fax: 02 9242 4111
[email protected]

Denise Anderson
Senior Policy Officer - Environment

Phone: 02 9242 4056
[email protected]

This partnership program between LGNSW and the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) provides funding to address climate change risks assist NSW councils be better able to plan for and respond to heatwaves, storms, floods, drought, and bushfires.


The Increasing Resilience to Climate Change (IRCC) program has been established to encourage:

  • Implementation of actions to address identified climate risks
  • Regional consideration of climate change impacts in decision making 
  • Implementation of climate change adaptation actions beyond business as usual projects and programs
  • Enhanced adaptive capacity.

Funded projects

IRCC grant funding was awarded to 31 individual councils and regional groups of councils local over three funding rounds. The grant funding is worth a total value of $2.8 million. All projects will be completed by April 2022 and a report prepared on the key outcomes will be completed by June 2022.

Case studies and project resources

You can learn more about the completed projects through case studies of completed projects showcasing outcomes and lessons learned for other councils. You can view video case studies of select projects and listen to podcasts about two regional projects that explore how to better manage water to meet community needs as well as the health and protection of the environment. Resources developed through the program include guidelines, studies, and educational resources.

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